Hello, I’m Tim Yaniko aka “Santa” and I am the elder of river cities chapter of the Bikers for Christ located in Ironton, Ohio.

I am very happily married to my wife Cathy of 34 plus years.

I am actively involved in ministering to and in support of our local MC’s in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. I am an ordained minister and assist the MC world through prayer, hospital visitation and weddings and funerals.

I feel very blessed to be called into the motorcyle ministry. I’ve been riding bikes since the 70’s and to be called to work with and minister to people that you love and care for so much plus getting to ride with, well, let’s justĀ  say that it doesn’t get much betterĀ  than that!!

If Jesus has been speaking to your heart and you wish to know him in a personal way, please contact me, or if you feel a call to love and minister to the biker world please contact us.

God Bless —Santa